Our Connect Groups meet midweek in various locations. They are vital to being a part of our church and are based around four main priorities that we call the 'Connect Four:' 

Family - Growing Closer

Our church is a family in which all can be loved and accepted. As we ‘Connect for Family’ we spend time socialising, eating, having fun and simply being together.

Worship - Reaching Higher

We were made to worship God and enjoy His presence. As we ‘Connect for Worship’ we spend time praising, worshipping and praying to Him in creative and vibrant ways.

Truth - Going Deeper

The Bible is God’s truth revealed to us. As we ‘Connect for Truth’ we spend time studying and discussing scripture and sharing how to ‘live it out’ today.

Community - Reaching Out

Our heart is for people to find true life and love in Christ. As we ‘Connect for Community’ we spend time reaching out to share His Good News with the world around us.