As a church community we believe in the power of prayer and therefore encourage everyone to pray daily. Each month we have a different Prayer Focus which is launched at our first Sunday service each month.

We encourage you to fast in some way during the first week of the month as personally led by the Holy Spirit.

  • You can pray individually or partner with someone else or a group to pray regularly.
  • Join with others on a weekly basis at our Tuesday prayer meeting at 9.30am, alternatively online via Zoom or in person.
  • Share prayers, prayer requests & testimonies via Email ( and on our Facebook Group page.

This Month's (June 2022) Prayer Focus is...

  • The UK Government
  • The Welsh Assembly Government
  • The Royal Family
  • Our local Council and Government
  • For Godly influence, discussion & decisions

Prayer points and links throughout the month are regularly posted on our Facebook Group page.