Blog by Joel Pridmore Picture the scenario… it’s a miserable, wet and cold January morning. You’ve decided to treat yourself and others at the Tuesday Prayer Hour to a nice, hot, freshly brewed coffee. You catch up with people and start the meeting with a heartfelt praise song. Then you […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore Yesterday morning I was lying still with ear plugs in for just over half an hour whilst my knee was being given an MRI scan. This fascinating process uses a strong magnetic field to somehow produce a series of cross section images of the inside of […]

Cross Section

Blog by Joel Pridmore I was meant to be soaring through the sky on Tuesday but remained very much on Terra. Last year when I had my first gliding experience, I was unable to complete my second run due to motion sickness! So I took an opportunity to book my […]


Blogspot by Lydia Horton; Taken from Lydia’s online blog page available at (http://hopeoutsidethebox.blogspot.co.uk) I used to get distracted… I have always been a Christian, but I feel there is a major difference in being a Christian by label and being a Christian in Christ. When I was a Christian by label this is what would happen. […]


Blogspot by Pastor Joel; This past week our church family have been responding to the very difficult news that Wendy is suffering from cancer for which the doctors are unable to offer any further treatment. It has been a blessing to visit Wendy and to see her sparkly and loving […]

A New Body

Blogspot by Pastor Joel Pridmore; I started physiotherapy this week due to a recent sporting injury. Part of the procedure that I have to endure involves ‘cross friction massage’ on the bone in the joint where there has been tendon damage. This is to stop the scar tissue in the […]


Blog Spot by Joel Pridmore; I have been shifting some things around over the past week. It is always a little bit horrifying to see what lies behind big pieces of furniture when they have been situated in one place for a year or two! Accumulations of dust and cobwebs that simply would not be […]

Behind the Wardrobes

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore. On Wednesday I had another MRI Scan to see what is happening inside my troublesome right knee. You could know me for a long time without knowing that I have any trouble with my knee. I can function in everyday life without any noticeable problem BUT… […]