Blog by Jon. King Sheep can be quite stupid, but they give me much food for thought when I consider God as the Great Shepherd. I have a small group of 1 year old ewes in a couple of fields where the grass is green, but for some reason one […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore This really is a week for women being celebrated! Today is ‘Mothering Sunday’ and it was ‘International Women’s Day’ on Thursday. On reflection, our celebration today is probably something of a mixture of both of these, as we honour all of our women on Mothering Sunday. […]

Spiritual Parenting

Blog by Joel Pridmore Why is putting on a pair of  brand new socks one of the best feelings in the world? Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason pulling on a fresh pair of unworn foot-huggers just feels great! So great in fact that, being the type of […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore What? Easter? Already? Well… if the shelves of the local convenience stores and supermarkets are to be trusted then… yes! I could scarcely believe my eyes to see Easter Eggs already piled up on the shelves of my local shop this week. The dust has not […]

We Wish You a Merry Easter?

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore I was thinking back this week to one of the highlights of the Scottish adventure my children and I had over the summer. One of the many stunning places we drove via was Loch Lomond. As we journeyed, my children were getting a little restless; lunchtime […]


Blogspot by Joel Pridmore Following two weeks of blogging about ‘Life’s Extremes’ I am focussing this week on our assurance and peace in their midst: the most extreme love ever expressed, revealed to us at the cross. As we head into what is known as ‘Holy Week’ in the Christian […]


Blogspot by Pastor Joel Pridmore; Following on from last week’s Blog entitled ‘Behind the Clouds’ inspired by a walk up a Malvern Hill; I had a different but related experience up another hill this week as I took a walk at ‘Bwlch Nant Yr Arian.’ This walk was filled with […]