BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore One of the great things my children and I did on our recent holiday in Scotland was seeing the ‘Leault Working Sheepdogs’ – a demonstration by Highlands shepherd, Neil Ross. We were treated to a remarkable show of dogs responding amazingly to their master’s instructions. Jesus […]

The Shepherd’s Whistle

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore Last Sunday I blogged about my gliding experience during the preceding week, and trusting God to always be in ultimate control. The pilot, Nick, who was instructing me took the controls for the vast majority of the flight… this was a very good thing! However, there […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore You may have seen evidence on social media this week of the sky-high adventure I had on Tuesday! For a number of years, I have been meaning to respond to a prompting from the Holy Spirit to experience what it is like to soar by gliding […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; I am prone to the occasional grammatical error but the above title is a deliberate one! Meeting today on South Beach set my mind asking: Why do we call it the seafront? What defines a seafront? Is there such a thing as a seaback? (the answer […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore I picked up my son from a sleepover at his friend’s house on Monday morning in a nearby village. As we headed over the hills to make our way home, I came around a bend and had to sharply engage my car’s brakes to avoid running […]

Sheepfold of the King