Blog by Joel Pridmore During the New Wine Cymru Leaders Conference last weekend, there was a session where Julian Richards, who heads up the NWC network, was waving a sharp, shiny and rather dangerous looking arrow around to illustrate a talk he was giving. One of the points (pardon the […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore I have often been accused of having a screw loose, but this Wednesday I awoke to the effects of a screw having genuinely loosened. My glasses (and I promise I didn’t fall asleep with them on) were lacking an arm. I thought it had just snapped […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore I was meant to be soaring through the sky on Tuesday but remained very much on Terra. Last year when I had my first gliding experience, I was unable to complete my second run due to motion sickness! So I took an opportunity to book my […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore David Fardouly and I arrived home late on Thursday night following the long drive from Harrogate and this year’s Elim Leaders’ Summit. To be honest I am still recovering from the busy schedule of being part of leading the worship with Elim Sound but it was […]

My Top Quote From ELS18

Blog by Christobel Chioma A few days ago, I was getting ready to go to work. I  packed my personal laptop, and my work’s Microsoft surface tablet and phone. As I was coming down the stairs and into the communal area, I realised my personal phone was in the room. […]

Majoring in the Minor