Blog by Joel Pridmore; It’s Thursday afternoon, the sun is shining over our gorgeous town and I’m sat at the top of Constitution Hill finishing an ice cream. On the way up, I asked the Lord for some inspiration for this week’s blog and He seemed happy to oblige. I paused […]

A Wing And a Prayer

Blog by Joel Pridmore On Wednesday evening, the football team my eldest son and I both support had their biggest match in a very long time. In fact, for him it was by far the biggest match since he has been a supporter. We were unable to watch the match […]

Don’t Let Me See You!

Blog by Christobel Chioma A few days ago, I was getting ready to go to work. I  packed my personal laptop, and my work’s Microsoft surface tablet and phone. As I was coming down the stairs and into the communal area, I realised my personal phone was in the room. […]

Majoring in the Minor

Blog by Jon. King Sheep can be quite stupid, but they give me much food for thought when I consider God as the Great Shepherd. I have a small group of 1 year old ewes in a couple of fields where the grass is green, but for some reason one […]


He Will Remember Your Sin Snow More Blog by Joel Pridmore As spring has sprung these past two weeks, it’s hard to believe that a short fortnight ago, we were experiencing the extremely unusual phenomenon of several feet of snow in March! Even Aberystwyth had snow!! It’s now a distant […]

He Will Remember Your Sin Snow More

Blog by Joel Pridmore This really is a week for women being celebrated! Today is ‘Mothering Sunday’ and it was ‘International Women’s Day’ on Thursday. On reflection, our celebration today is probably something of a mixture of both of these, as we honour all of our women on Mothering Sunday. […]

Spiritual Parenting