BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore Last Sunday I blogged about my gliding experience during the preceding week, and trusting God to always be in ultimate control. The pilot, Nick, who was instructing me took the controls for the vast majority of the flight… this was a very good thing! However, there […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore You may have seen evidence on social media this week of the sky-high adventure I had on Tuesday! For a number of years, I have been meaning to respond to a prompting from the Holy Spirit to experience what it is like to soar by gliding […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; My boys are both protanopes… colour blindness causing them difficulty in distinguishing certain colours, particularly in the red/green spectrum. Whilst showing (and involving them in) the decoration going on in the main hall of our church premises this week, one of them said to me… ‘Are […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; As you may know – we have had our ‘Love the House’ week this past week, carrying out maintenance and development work on our church premises at Tan y Cae, South Road. I actually spent the majority of my week at the top of a scaffolding […]

Hit the Wall

BlogSpot by Diana Zwiggelaar I often pop to the beach after work for a stroll and to look for my favourite shell, which is particularly special with a lustrous pearly shine on the inside and coming in various colours. It is a rare find as it is easily broken and […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; I’m not here today as we’re away for an early 40th birthday celebration for my sister. Her birthday is next month but by then Becky and family will have headed back home to Mozambique! My dad and I were asked to provide some musical entertainment for […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; I am prone to the occasional grammatical error but the above title is a deliberate one! Meeting today on South Beach set my mind asking: Why do we call it the seafront? What defines a seafront? Is there such a thing as a seaback? (the answer […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore; This coming Wednesday, June 21st, sees a turning point in our calendar… the good news? It is the longest, most sun-filled day of the year… the bad new? Every day for the next six months will be shorter and decreasing in sunshine! A few short generations […]