Blog by Joel Pridmore Today’s date is one we traditionally make a note of: ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November.’ We light bonfires and fill skies with fireworks in recollection of the story of Guy Fawkes; which, if we’re honest, most of us only vaguely understand, and yet this tradition […]


Written by  Elaine Scott of Browns Bridge Church I was sent an inspirational prayer this week by a friend and I think it will encourage you… God, today I dedicate my mind to you. I want to think on things that are good, right, pure, and excellent. I want to […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore I was thinking back this week to one of the highlights of the Scottish adventure my children and I had over the summer. One of the many stunning places we drove via was Loch Lomond. As we journeyed, my children were getting a little restless; lunchtime […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore Over lunch one day during my recent trip to Cambodia I found myself being given a stern challenge/encouragement. During one of the sessions at the Leader’s conference, I found myself rather raw emotionally in facing the reality of some the challenging things I’ve had to walk […]


BlogSpot by Meritza Hengari We are all commissioned with individual gifts or talents… some are gifted musicians, others speak with great wisdom, these are among many other gifts. The reason we are all given different gifts is one of God’s many mysteries. We often pay too much attention to the […]

For Such a Time

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore I recently parked my car on the seafront before one of our Tuesday morning prayer meetings and was treated to the sight of a rainbow on the horizon over the sea. We often think about the promise that God made to Noah when we think about […]


BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore The most Northerly point my children and I reached on our Scottish adventure this summer was a beautiful spot called the ‘Falls of Shin’ where we were able to witness salmon leaping upstream… Motivated by an instinct to return to the place of their birth and […]

Leap Like a Salmon

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore One of the great things my children and I did on our recent holiday in Scotland was seeing the ‘Leault Working Sheepdogs’ – a demonstration by Highlands shepherd, Neil Ross. We were treated to a remarkable show of dogs responding amazingly to their master’s instructions. Jesus […]

The Shepherd’s Whistle