Blog by Jon. King Sheep can be quite stupid, but they give me much food for thought when I consider God as the Great Shepherd. I have a small group of 1 year old ewes in a couple of fields where the grass is green, but for some reason one […]


He Will Remember Your Sin Snow More Blog by Joel Pridmore As spring has sprung these past two weeks, it’s hard to believe that a short fortnight ago, we were experiencing the extremely unusual phenomenon of several feet of snow in March! Even Aberystwyth had snow!! It’s now a distant […]

He Will Remember Your Sin Snow More

Blog by Joel Pridmore This really is a week for women being celebrated! Today is ‘Mothering Sunday’ and it was ‘International Women’s Day’ on Thursday. On reflection, our celebration today is probably something of a mixture of both of these, as we honour all of our women on Mothering Sunday. […]

Spiritual Parenting

Blog by Christabel Chioma The church walk on the 17th Feb was my first time climbing Constitution Hill (or any other hill for that matter)! From the top I could see huge buildings looking so small. Cars, people… You name it, everything looked small… as if you could walk on […]

Up Higher

Blog by Joel Pridmore On Wednesday I found a book that had sat for a long time unread on my shelf and for some reason decided to begin reading it. It was a devotional by Reverend Billy Graham so I searched for February 21st and found myself reading an excellent […]

What a Legacy

Blog by Joel Pridmore This week saw the collision of several special dates in our calendars… we had Shrove Tuesday, often known as Pancake Day. This was followed by Ash Wednesday, which happened to clash with Valentines Day. But perhaps my favourite discovery of the week was that Tuesday was […]

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