Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore Have you ever found yourself in one of those places in life where the direction you thought you were going to take becomes blocked off? As I travelled to the Elim International Centre in Malvern this week, I was taking one of my normal routes for […]


Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore The UK this week held a 3rd General Election in 5 years. Every few years we go through this process of voting to select those who are going to be responsible for making governmental decisions on our behalf in Westminster. The nature of this democratic process […]


Blog by Chioma Christabel On a recent Saturday I locked myself out of my flat. I called the letting agency to come and open the door, and they said it will cost £50… £50 gone just like that! I pleaded with them but there was no negotiation! I went back […]


Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore Within the space of this week, we have two days in our national calendars as annual reminders. One marks a failed attempt in 1605 to blow up Parliament by Guy Fawkes. The other is Remembrance Day where we reflect on the price paid by servicemen and […]

Don’t Forget to Remember

Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore Last week I had to come to terms with my last minute Connect Four Championship defeat to Benji! Having already overcome two tough opponents I had built several rows of three and was ready to inflict the final blow and win this last game. And then… […]