Blog by Joel Pridmore Whether you use Netflix, Amazon Prime, the Internet or good old-fashioned television, you may have been invited to watch a plethora of brand new episodes of your favourite shows in the last few weeks. Many new series’ are launched at the beginning of the New Year […]

Your Story: Brand New Series!

Blog by Joel Pridmore What? Easter? Already? Well… if the shelves of the local convenience stores and supermarkets are to be trusted then… yes! I could scarcely believe my eyes to see Easter Eggs already piled up on the shelves of my local shop this week. The dust has not […]

We Wish You a Merry Easter?

Blog by Joel Pridmore In amongst all the multitude of adverts that fly in our faces at this time of year, I saw a rather interesting item this week… well at least I thought it was interesting. It is for those, like myself, who may have a tendency to forget […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore This week I had the opportunity to lead an evening of Christmas related discussion at a University Christian Union event hosted at Costa in town. I took on the subject of discussing different verses and their meanings from various traditional Christmas Carols. During my research for […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore God speaks to us in many ways and I would be sure not to ever describe Him as talking rubbish… He did, however, recently surprise me by talking to me through a piece of rubbish! I was taking a walk on a local beach to spend […]


 This week, Elen Macey, who is currently at University in Swansea, has sent an update from a mission that she took part in earlier this year. In May of this year, I had the privilege of taking part in an outreach mission in Swansea with Cornerstone Church and The Turning […]


Blog by Joel Pridmore Today’s date is one we traditionally make a note of: ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November.’ We light bonfires and fill skies with fireworks in recollection of the story of Guy Fawkes; which, if we’re honest, most of us only vaguely understand, and yet this tradition […]