Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore

The UK this week held a 3rd General Election in 5 years. Every few years we go through this process of voting to select those who are going to be responsible for making governmental decisions on our behalf in Westminster.

The nature of this democratic process inevitably means that there will always be some who are disappointed whilst others celebrate. It also means that whether celebrating or dealing with disappointment, people may well be experiencing the opposite in a few years’ time.

As people of faith we should engage in every area of life, including politics, seeking to be salt and light. I would like to see Christians influencing all political parties, but can this be if it means representing opposing sides? I believe so, if we understand that what unites us as Christians is a greater truth than any manifesto or policy can ever provide. Jesus; our truth in a broken world.

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Christ came that we might have peace with God – the greatest need of all and whenever we experience an election, I find myself reflecting on how glad I am to be a citizen of His unshakable kingdom.

Whatever our feelings about the December ‘19 election, let us unite and celebrate Jesus at Christmas. May we be people who trust in the incarnate King of Kings… His governmental decisions are always good!

“Of the increase of his government and of peace
there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7)