Blog by Chioma Christabel

On a recent Saturday I locked myself out of my flat. I called the letting agency to come and open the door, and they said it will cost £50… £50 gone just like that! I pleaded with them but there was no negotiation!

I went back to work and then received a text from them saying they will come to open the door at 3 pm.
By 2 pm, I left work and went to meet them at the house and saw my neighbour from the flat below. He let me into the building and I asked if he could help me open the door to my flat to help me save £50.

We went to my flat and tried all we could for close to an hour. At 3 pm I thanked my neighbour and said I’m calling the agency and heading back to work as I’d used up my break. He said ‘be patient let’s try once more.’

I rang the agency and the person said she will be with me in 10 mins so I prayed for the door to just open inside 10 mins. Believe you me the door opened within 10 mins and using the most unexpected tool! I immediately called the agency to cancel the appointment and saved myself paying the £50 fee!

Sometimes when we ask God to help, we need to be patient. He wants to help us but often God does it in a way or through people that we don’t expect.

The question is: Are we willing to be patient or take the alternative route and pay the price?

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)