Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore

As you may know, Louise and I recently visited Ireland for our honeymoon. As we needed our car over there we travelled by ferry, despite both having experience of suffering with motion sickness on boat journeys.

We were excited, joyful and enjoying each other’s constant company as we headed for the outward journey but those things came under fire as we set sail and it quickly became evident we were on rough seas!

Excitement and joy were sapped as we found ourselves separated from each other’s company for over an hour – Louise trying to sleep on her chair inside, and me desperately seeking fresh air outside – it was fascinating how differently we responded to the ordeal! Neither was right or wrong and I realised that although we weren’t sat next to each other, it was more important that we were sharing the journey and the destination.

Our journey back was different… better conditions, a bigger ship and a smoother journey. Interestingly though, Louise again sought the solace of resting inside, whilst I spent the majority of the trip outside enjoying fresh air and sea views.

We are learning that we handle some situations differently and the reality is that some days are rough and some days are smooth.

We all react differently to different situations, but let us be a church who fully commits to journeying through them together.

“Be devoted to one another in love” (Romans 12:10)