Monthly Archives: August 2019

Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore This weekend we are in the midst of our first time away as a blended family of 7… We have ventured together to Rivercamp, (although we have cheated a bit – instead of camping we are staying offsite with proper beds and a proper shower)! As […]

Sevenly Heavenly?!

Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore Yesterday I said a very fond farewell to a much loved and trusted companion of the last 10+ years. My friend Henry has helped me tremendously on an almost daily basis and has come to my rescue on many occasions, helping me clear up after many […]

Hooray Henry

Blog by Joel Maylor-Pridmore As you may know, Louise and I recently visited Ireland for our honeymoon. As we needed our car over there we travelled by ferry, despite both having experience of suffering with motion sickness on boat journeys. We were excited, joyful and enjoying each other’s constant company […]