Smart Meter

Blog by Joel Pridmore

I am sat in my lounge having just had a new ‘Smart Meter’ installed at my home to monitor and provide information about our electricity usage. After installing the meter, the technician came to present me with a small display unit that now gives me up to date energy usage information.

This is admittedly a very ‘smart’ system and is really quite useful. However, when he first plugged it in, it didn’t appear to be quite as smart as it wouldn’t update its readings at all! The problem was that the technician had positioned it too far away from the unit transmitting the data.

You and I have been created with gifting and abilities and our purpose is to communicate the goodness and love of God to the world around us. However, if we are not close enough to God Himself, then we cannot effectively communicate the ‘heavenly data’ that God wants us to display!

Once we moved the display unit closer to the meter, it began to fulfil its purpose – maybe some of us could do with getting a little closer to the source of everything we, and the world around us, needs: Our world needs to hear from heaven!

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8)