Blog by Joel Pridmore

I am just back from Elim Leaders Summit in Harrogate. The ministry was outstanding and is all available to watch online via the Elim website

There are a number of highlights I could mention, but I’m just going to talk about one particular, very memorable quote from preacher, Dan Lian. To cut a long story short he was talking about having an atmosphere for God to work miraculously and based his talk on the contrasting scenarios in Mark chapter 6 and Mark Chapter 5. In Mark 6, we read that Jesus could not do many miracles in His home town of Nazareth due to the scepticism and lack of faith He found there. This is in contrast to Mark 5 which we had seen Him perform remarkable deliverance and healing.

Dan cleverly concluded with the phrase ‘Just Give Me Five’ – highlighting that we want to be a people who have faith and create an atmosphere where God’s power will be at work mightily.

Maybe you, like me, go through times of doubt? Well today let’s take a fresh look at the awesomeness of our God and the evidence we can read and see of the power of Jesus’ name. Let our gatherings be a place where we expect God to move in power.

“Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:36).