Walking with Jesus

Blog by Joel Pridmore

I met a fantastic lady last week at the Elim Sound regional coordinators gathering… Elaine has recently joined the regional team in Scotland and travelled down from Edinburgh to be part of the gathering.

Elaine is a wheelchair user and I was privileged to chat with her about the trampolining accident that led to her injury and how she has seen God work in and through her in the years that have followed. She has certainly not allowed her injury to define her or to stop her from being who God wants her to be! 

At one point in the weekend Elaine talked about her longing to ‘walk with Jesus.’ Later that day she felt she should clarify that she had not been expressing a physical desire, but a spiritual one. Elaine was concerned that we might think she was talking about a desire to be out of the wheelchair, when she was really talking about a spiritual walk.

We believe God is our healer and is able to do anything, but I think Elaine has her priorities right in desiring first a heart walk with Jesus. This helped me to understand how our spiritual life is truly more vital and ‘real’ than our physical one. 

Let us be those who live and walk according to the spiritual priorities of the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him (Col 2:6)