Rho i mi fanna

Blog by Joel Pridmore

What a week it has been for Wales! Last weekend’s victory in a certain rugby match was a great cause for national celebration and an opportunity for the ‘Land of Song’ to be heard singing! The beautiful Welsh hymn to the tune ‘Cwm Rhondda’ being sung with its undying association with the national sport of Wales!

Then this weekend has seen St. David’s Day celebrations taking place with people across Wales celebrating Wales and all things Welsh… including Aberystwyth Arts Centre hosting S4C’s song writing competition ‘Canu i Gymru’ on Friday evening.

Then yesterday I had the privilege of leading a congregation in that same venue in a rendition of that same hymn as part of a recording for ‘Songs of Praise’ to be broadcast in an upcoming ‘Aberystwyth’ episode of the BBC show.

The hymn has commonly become known as ‘Bread of Heaven’ due to one particular line, translated from the original Welsh, that seems to stand out for many – ‘Bread of Heaven, Feed me know and evermore!’ This line in the original Welsh Rho i mi fanna, Fel na bwyf i lwfwrhau’ is actually more literally translated as ‘Give me manna, Thus shall I not despair.’

Today as we break bread together, we do so to remember the One who allays our despair and affords us all love, grace and salvation – our Great Redeemer; Jesus.

 ‘Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life.”’ (Jn 6:35)