Blog by Joel Pridmore

Picture the scenario… it’s a miserable, wet and cold January morning. You’ve decided to treat yourself and others at the Tuesday Prayer Hour to a nice, hot, freshly brewed coffee. You catch up with people and start the meeting with a heartfelt praise song. Then you put down your guitar and excitedly send your cold hands in the direction of that cup. It’s not quite as warming to the touch as expected, but, maybe it’s just as it’s been there a while. The anticipation of coffee bean induced joy rises as you move the drink toward your lips. You take that first sip… it’s disappointing. You take another sip… then slowly put the mug back down on the table and slope glumly back into your seat realising the real mug is you! The gravity of your error sinks in as you realise that the previously boiled kettle had been switched off at the plug when you had pressed the button. You have inflicted yourself and others with the horror of beverages brewed at lukewarm temperatures.

I’m afraid this story is true folks, albeit perhaps told with a little more drama than necessary! Thankfully, everything else about Tuesday’s meeting was full of flavour and value!

To brew coffee properly, water needs to be hot (not boiling)… otherwise the flavour cannot be properly extracted. We must ensure our church environment is spiritually ‘hot’ so that we can help our communities ‘taste and see the Lord is good!’ (Ps 34:8)