Blog by Joel Pridmore

Tuesday was a very dull day! I was struck by just how dark it was as I drove my children to school that morning, and this continued through the day. And as I begin to write this blog on Friday, it is only late afternoon and already dark on what happens to be the shortest day of our calendar year.

Until recent years, I wouldn’t be emotionally affected by such dull weather, but having gone through some ‘dark times’ in my personal life, I now find myself more aware of the atmospheric conditions! These days I am conscious that some days, when it feels dark, I have to choose to focus on the light. And light always overcomes darkness… it only takes a tiny match to bring light to every part a large room that has been in darkness.

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Later that dull Tuesday morning, as I sat in the prayer hour, I looked out the window and contemplated (as I often do) how incredible the power of the sun is. No matter how many gloomy clouds gather in the sky, daylight always manages to overcome it.

May we choose over this Christmas period, to focus on Jesus Christ – born into a dark world and bringing us eternal light. Light that cannot be overcome.

“ The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (Matt 1:23)