Blog by Joel Pridmore

There was a certain irony last week in the fact that immediately prior to introducing the ‘Connect Four’ vision, I had trouble with my guitar suffering from a dodgy connection – and, as promised – I am making a blog out of it!!

The guitar had been working fine up until that point and worked fine once the connection had been restored… but for a moment it could not function.

There were around 7 cables, including my pedals,(some very small) and 14 connections involved in carrying the signal from my guitar to the amplifier but it only took one imperfect link to break the whole signal and stop the sound from being created.

The Connect Four: Family / Worship / Truth / Community are all vital areas that we need to be connecting with in order to thrive as a church. In order to make these connections, we need everyone to be involved and be their part. Without you, the signal might not reach the amplifier!

May we all be the kingdom people that God wants us to be, connecting with each other, with God and with our world.

“Look on me and answer, LORD my God. Give light to my eyes.” (Psalm 13:3).