I Sty With My Little Eye

Blog by Joel Pridmore

You might think that with the word sty in the title, I am about to talk about pigs, but this is a different type of sty. I’ve had a sty (small lump caused by infection) in my left eyelid. It is not particularly painful – it is mostly irritating – and mostly because it means I cannot wear my contact lenses.

My glasses are very old and I can’t see as well through them as I can with my contacts. This has affected things from playing football, to reading text messages, and has caused a mild headache or two!

On this particular week, where I am presenting some new ideas in our vision Sunday today, it has reminded me how important clear vision is.

May we be people who hear and see clearly what God is saying to us and where He wants to lead us.

And don’t worry, I’m confident my eye will be back to normal soon – I am treating it daily after the doctor prescribed me some eye ointment, or, should I say oinkment?!

Look on me and answer, LORD my God. Give light to my eyes.” (Psalm 13:3).