Patient Patient

Blog by Joel Pridmore

It’s Monday evening and I am sat in the waiting room at Bronglais A&E. it’s nearly 9pm and it’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it here. I arrived an hour ago and only one person has been seen in that time. I’m aware this is going to be a long wait.

We’re not used to waiting in our culture… we’re used to things being available instantly and sometimes easily. We can click a button and talk face to face with people on the other side of the world or order next day delivery on billions of the latest products.

I don’t want to wait. I’m not feeling patient (pardon the pun), but there’s not much choice and I can’t make things move any faster. I’m not in terrible pain – I just made a wrong move with a very sharp knife whilst preparing my son’s favourite dinner for his birthday and it turns out thumbs are easier to slice than I thought.

I look around and I realise my situation is favourable compared to many others in this waiting room and I consider how blessed I am to receive NHS medical care. I’ve had some good conversations with other ‘patients’ and I also have my iPad so I can get on with some work (or blogging if that counts). This wait is just about turning itself into a positive experience.

May we be a patient people of a patient God. Thumbs up to the fact there is value in the waiting!


Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.(Psalm 27:14)