Blog by Joel Pridmore

Last week I lost sense. I had a cold and was cleaning up after painting, when I suddenly realised I couldn’t smell the paint thinner! The overpowering smell of white spirits was totally non-existent – even when I senselessly stuck my nose in to take a big whiff!

I now know this is not too unusual but for the rest of that day my mind slipped into a state of self-pity and fear that I may have somehow permanently damaged my nasal passage and might never smell again! Not the beautiful scent of flowers and perfume or the alerting smells of gas or burning. Not to mention the ability to tell if one’s odorous socks need changing!

I wonder if sometimes our senses are dulled to what God is saying or doing? As if somehow our spiritual senses are dulled by an infection. Maybe there is some sin or distraction that stops us seeing or hearing who God is or what He is doing or saying.

The worst bit of my episode, and the thing that really made me feel sorry for myself, was that I couldn’t taste anything – what if I was never going to be able to enjoy food again?! Thankfully the next morning, I was delighted that I could smell and taste again… I had a new appreciation for the gift of my senses.

May our spiritual senses be wholly alive that we may more fully know and experience our glorious God.

“thanks be to God, who… through us, spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” (2 Corinthians 2:14)