Blog by Joel Pridmore

Last week I noticed that both of my front tyres were severely worn on the insides. I am no mechanical expert, but I immediately knew I needed the tracking adjusted. With my MOT due and a lot of driving ahead in the coming weeks, I found a moment this week to get my tyres replaced (sadly it turned out I needed all four) and the alignment corrected.

Tracking is basically the alignment of the front wheels of the car and the necessary adjustment required specialist equipment and the skills of someone who knew how to use it. I can check my oil but I can’t realign my wheels or change the tyres!

Later in the week I considered my spiritual and emotional tracking… Is my life alignment set up correctly? I am aware that, like my tyres, my head suffers with baldness – but this is not so easily replaced! Seriously though – it is worth taking time to ensure our lives are aligned in the best direction.

We may be able to handle some things ourselves, like an oil check, but for some things we may need the help of others with greater resources or expertise… perhaps a life coach, a counsellor or a spiritual leader… perhaps a financial advisor a fitness instructor or a trusted friend.

Sadly, since writing this, my car is off the road and needs fixing before it can go to be tested! Perhaps we all need to check if we are due an MOT?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”(Proverbs 4:23‬‬)‬‬