Blog by Joel Pridmore

During the New Wine Cymru Leaders Conference last weekend, there was a session where Julian Richards, who heads up the NWC network, was waving a sharp, shiny and rather dangerous looking arrow around to illustrate a talk he was giving.

One of the points (pardon the pun) he made was that the head of the arrow is the sharp bit, but is useless unless the shaft of the arrow has been accurately fashioned and polished. He suggested that the sharp end represents out gifting (the easy bit), whereas the shaft represents our character (the hard bit).

During our ‘James series’ we recently considered, how the writer makes it clear we WILL face trials of every kind. These trials are an opportunity for us to allow God to shape and refine us. This fashioning is vital in order that we are able to aim for that each of us has individually been designed to achieve.

If our character has not been properly shaped and polished then when the time is right, we will not fly straight fast and hit the target we are made for.

May we be people who are shaped by the hand of the master craftsman as we grow and learn through the trials we inevitably face.

“… we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Rom 5:4)