Blog by Joel Pridmore

I have often been accused of having a screw loose, but this Wednesday I awoke to the effects of a screw having genuinely loosened.

My glasses (and I promise I didn’t fall asleep with them on) were lacking an arm. I thought it had just snapped off but on closer inspection, it was clear that the screw holding the arm on had simply worked its way out and left my specs armless!

I tried to put them on which was a funny sight and didn’t really work… my makeshift repair using a safety pin was equally amusing for my children! It was only a tiny screw, but without it, the glasses were rendered relatively useless. Thankfully, I was already due to visit Specsavers that very day so they were able to replace the screw.

Please don’t underestimate your importance to our church family. You may feel like a small part of the big picture but without you, we might just fall apart.

John Glass, Elim’s former National Leader, would sometimes say ‘history turns on small hinges’ – the point being those seemingly insignificant moments, choices and people can have the most profound impact on the world around them.

May we be a church family in which everyone knows they are loved, valued and needed. May you know you are vital for those to whom you are connected.

“For the body does not consist of one member but of many.” (1Cor 12:14)