A Wing And a Prayer

Blog by Joel Pridmore;

It’s Thursday afternoon, the sun is shining over our gorgeous town and I’m sat at the top of Constitution Hill finishing an ice cream. On the way up, I asked the Lord for some inspiration for this week’s blog and He seemed happy to oblige.

I paused near the top to watch the birds flying around the cliff side and noticed an interesting phenomenon – as they individually soared from my left to my right, when they reached a certain point they would all flap their wings and adjust their flight at the same point. Their destination around to my right remained the same, but they would all have to make a slight adjustment in order to get there.

Continuing up the hill, I realised that the place they were adjusting was where I met the wind from the other side of the hill – clearly the cause of flapping!

Sometimes on our journey to the destiny God has for us, things do not go as we’d planned and hoped. We face the wind of opposition or even find ourselves in a storm. We need to adjust our wings, embrace a new plan and keep catching the wind of God’s grace beneath our wings.

May we be secure in the knowledge that our destination is set and may we know that God is with us even when our journey plan has to change.

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).