Majoring in the Minor

Blog by Christobel Chioma

A few days ago, I was getting ready to go to work. I  packed my personal laptop, and my work’s Microsoft surface tablet and phone. As I was coming down the stairs and into the communal area, I realised my personal phone was in the room. So I left my bag and my packed snacks on the stairs and went upstairs to get my phone.

On the way back down I realised I had left some expensive gadgets, which were more expensive than my phone in an area where they could have been stolen. I could hear these words in my spirit: ‘Majoring in the Minor.’

“How often do we chase or worry after things that are so inconsequential and of no eternal value?”

It’s so easy to lose track of things, especially in this fast ever-changing digital era; but let’s not forget our focus of reigning with Christ. For me, that’s my ultimate desire.

We might have everything going for us in our individual lives or be in a pretty bad place…Let’s try and make a conscious and intentional effort to seek His kingdom, just like Apostle Paul emphasis in Philippians 3:12-14…

“Press towards the mark of the High calling of God”.