Blog by Joel Pridmore

So this morning we woke up having ‘lost’ an hour of sleep as the clocks went forward. I recently saw an amusing post on Instagram asking something like… why can’t we lose an hour in the middle of the day on a Monday during work time?! I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer that! I like my sleep and I would gladly trade that hour of Saturday night / Sunday morning sleep for an hour during the week!

Sometimes we go through seasons in life where we feel like we’ve lost out on things that we can’t get back. Maybe we invested some money badly, maybe we had family difficulties, maybe we lost a loved one… the list could go on.

Job lost everything that was most important to him and yet remained obedient to God. Toward the end of his story in Job 42:12 we read that he ended up being more abundantly blessed than he had ever been before. It doesn’t mean he had forgotten what he had lost before; just that he went on to see even more of the blessing of God.

If you feel you’ve lost something in life, let me encourage you today that the story is not over. May you know that God is able to restore to you anything the enemy has sought to destroy – and abundantly more so!