Spiritual Parenting

Blog by Joel Pridmore

This really is a week for women being celebrated! Today is ‘Mothering Sunday’ and it was ‘International Women’s Day’ on Thursday. On reflection, our celebration today is probably something of a mixture of both of these, as we honour all of our women on Mothering Sunday.

We recognise that we can all have tremendous impact on those who are younger in faith and/or life than us; in a sense being spiritual mothers and fathers. Therefore we like to celebrate with everyone, including those who have not had the opportunity or desire to be natural parents.

When I look around our church on a Sunday morning, I can thank God for so many who are nurturing and investing in the lives of others. My children and I have benefited personally from many in this way and I can testify to the positive impact spiritual parents can have upon our lives.

I wonder if there is someone younger than you in our church that you can invest more time and love into? Perhaps starting by simply asking a question: How is school going? What are you hobbies?

I also wonder if there is someone older than you in our church who you could thank and encourage for his or her example and faithfulness. Maybe a life-changing relationship could be started or strengthened for you today?

1 Thess 2:8 “…we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”