Limitless Interest

Blog by Joel Pridmore

This week saw the collision of several special dates in our calendars… we had Shrove Tuesday, often known as Pancake Day. This was followed by Ash Wednesday, which happened to clash with Valentines Day. But perhaps my favourite discovery of the week was that Tuesday was also National Pun Day, or perhaps I could call it Puncake Day?! (Sorry, I just couldn’t allow this opportunity to pass without a little wordplay)!

But we can forget all these other special days for a moment because for us today is Limitless Sunday. This is an opportunity for us as an Elim church to join in celebrating and praying for Youth Ministry.

I wonder how many of us can testify to the impact that a church youth leader or worker had on our journey with knowing and loving God. The youth leaders in my first church were absolutely instrumental in enabling me to discover the truth of who God is and in experiencing His love.

It is not only those who specifically work with young people either… I can remember receiving tremendous encouragement, challenge and love from numerous folks in that church who chose to invest their time, energy and money in me.

Who are you going to invest in today? Don’t underestimate what impact you can have in the life of a younger person today with even just a few simple words or showing some interest in what they are facing in their lives. The return you receive on this kind of investment will be of limitless and ultimate value.

‘We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done.’ Psalm 78: 4