Happy birthday Time?! 

Blog by Rajani Anish

Is every birthday happy? I was thinking back as I am celebrating my birthday this month… we wish happy birthday to friends and loved ones but this time last year I was in hospital with back pain. I spent four weeks there one of the most painful times in my life. I could not even think straight, but still on my birthday people visited and wished me ‘ happy birthday’! It was not my happiest time and although people were trying to keep me happy, I was not interested in any kind of positive greetings!! I had so many unanswered questions and prayers in my life that time.

It is sometimes difficult to find happiness and each passing year we overcome many things… I thank God for the recovery and healing He gave me and I am celebrating my birthday without pain this year.

God wants us to be overcomers, which we cannot be if there is nothing to overcome. He knows each and everyone’s pain and sorrows and, even if He seems silent, don’t think he is not listening… He is just waiting for the perfect time for our prayers to be answered. He is the one who knows our every tear and with each one, we can remember He is training us to be overcomers!

So I want to encourage you that if anyone is celebrating their birthday this month with any kind of pain in your heart or body, this pain is not forever. He will turn your sorrows into joy. Just wait with patience for his perfect time.