Hit the Pause Button

Blog by Marion Densham;

This week at our Tuesday prayer meeting I sensed God saying ‘just pause and listen.’ My mind had been full of things and people to pray for – my niece was having an operation that day, my sister-in-law still very ill in hospital, those in our church family still in need of prayer etc.

We were quiet in God’s presence for a few minutes, the wild wind of that stormy day outside could be clearly heard and I had seen the rough sea earlier.

God spoke the word ‘peace’ to me.

The weather illustrated the storms and the clamour going on around us, but I thought of Jesus at peace – asleep even – in the boat on the stormy lake with the disciples. It did me good to listen to His voice.

There are times when life is so busy and we may feel pressured by the responsibilities and demands, but by pressing the pause button we can tune in and listen more clearly to our loving Father who can bring a timely word, verse or scripture, song, or something else profound. I’m sure He will always bless us.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me” (John 10:27)