BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore

I recently parked my car on the seafront before one of our Tuesday morning prayer meetings and was treated to the sight of a rainbow on the horizon over the sea.

We often think about the promise that God made to Noah when we think about rainbows and as I considered this one, I felt God giving me a fresh insight into this.

I considered the fact that the rainbow takes place at the point where the darkness of the rain and clouds meets the place of light and warmth. I realised that this is a place of real beauty and we can apply this spiritually.

When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness, clouds and confusion, we are still able to trust that the light and love of God are right there and just as real… And that place of trust and faith, where we rely on Him in the midst of the storm, is a beautiful place. The rainbow happens in the place where the reality of our challenge and the reality of God’s promise meet.

May you know Gods presence and love as clearly as any pain and challenge you are face today.

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant” (Gen 9:16).