The Shepherd’s Whistle

BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore

One of the great things my children and I did on our recent holiday in Scotland was seeing the ‘Leault Working Sheepdogs’ – a demonstration by Highlands shepherd, Neil Ross. We were treated to a remarkable show of dogs responding amazingly to their master’s instructions.

Jesus spoke of Himself as The Good Shepherd and of His sheep knowing His voice. In this case, however, it was dogs not sheep following their master’s instructions that were given not by voice, but by the whistle.

Each instruction used a certain sound and pitch – with a different whistle sound for each individual dog! In fact, Neil told us he can’t have any more dogs because the six he currently has have used up his full array of whistle sounds; each dog trained and tuned in to hear the individual sound that is unique to them.

I believe God speaks to us each in a way that is unique and personal to us, communicating in a way we can understand and that is perfect for us as individuals… He has a sound just for you!!

May you know that God is communicating with you all the time and we all may grow in our hearing and understanding of His voice.

“I am the Good Shepherd” (John10:11)