BlogSpot by Joel Pridmore

Last Sunday I blogged about my gliding experience during the preceding week, and trusting God to always be in ultimate control.

The pilot, Nick, who was instructing me took the controls for the vast majority of the flight… this was a very good thing! However, there were a couple of occasions when instead of saying ‘I have control,’ he said ‘You have control.’ and allowed me to experience taking the controls and flying the glider. This was a highlight of the experience.

When I was operating the controls, it was vital that I listened very carefully to Nick’s instructions. Even though I had the controls, it was under the guidance and leading of the expert who really knew what I needed to do.

I see a big parallel here with our journey through life. Often God allows us to be in the driving seat, but we only thrive, stay safe and soar when we follow His guidance and do things as He instructs and guides us through His Word and by His Spirit.

I pray today that you will hear and understand the voice of God clearly as He instructs and guides you.

“Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is one who trusts in the Lord.”
(Proverbs 16:20).